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          Discover our collection of paper cups here at Inn Supplies to find the ideal disposable cups for serving hot drinks. Take your pick from a range of sizes, styles and configurations. Whether you’re serving espressos or large coffees, our paper coffee cups include:


          • 4oz: Espresso
          • 6oz: Flat white
          • 8oz: Small takeaway
          • 10oz: Regular (squat for under coffee machines)
          • 12oz: Regular coffee
          • 16oz: Large coffee-to-go
          • 20oz: Oversize / extra large coffee

          Selected paper coffee cups offer heat protection with single-wall and fully insulated ripple-and triple-walls, which will keep your customers drinks hotter for longer. With our range of stirrers, cup carriers, sleeves and lids, we can help you serve up the perfect brew time and time again.




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          The table below may help with matching up our disposable cups with the correct lid type. We have 3 main lid sizes, all of which are available in either black or white to suit our full range of cups.

          Cup type \ Lid Type 4oz Travel 6oz Lids 8oz Domed 10-20oz Domed 8oz Biodegradable 10-20oz Biodegradable Ultimate lids
          4oz Single Wall / Ripple              
          6oz Plain White              
          8oz Ripple Cups              
          8oz Single Wall              
          8oz Biodegradable              
          10oz Single Wall              
          12oz/16oz Biodegradable              
          12oz/16oz/20oz Ripple              
          12oz/16oz Single Wall              
          8oz/12oz/16oz Ultimate              



          4oz paper cups

          6oz paper cups

          8oz paper cups

          10oz paper cups

          12oz paper cups

          16oz paper cups


          62mm rim
          60mm tall


          70mm rim
          75mm tall


          80mm rim
          90mm tall


          90mm rim
          94mm tall


          90mm rim
          110mm tall


          90mm rim
          137mm tall



          Our disposable takeaway cups are available in three main varieties, each with different heat insulation properties. These are:

          • Single Wall: The most cost-effective solution for coffee-to-go, single wall cups are ideally suited to warm/hot drinks such as tea and coffee. They can also be used with a paper sleeve to increase insulation where appropriate. We can also supply a biodegradable version of these cups with a PLA (cornstarch) lining.
          • Ripple Cups: These feature an integrated ribbed outer sleeve, boasting excellent thermal insulation and heat retention. They are extremely popular with high street coffee chains.
          • Triple Layer: An innovative new style of cup, triple layer cups are designed to have similar heat insulating properties to the ripple cups, but with a smooth outer wall. The actual insulating layer is internal rather than external. Please take note that all three sizes of cups use the same universal lid.
          • Double wall: A double wall paper cups is basically a single wall cup with an integrated cup sleeve to added heat retention and comfort. They’re very similar to the ripple cups in terms of insulation, but provide a smooth outer wall instead of a ripple effect.
          • Paper Vending Cups: Our prism vending cups are a single wall construction and designed primarily for use with coffee vending machines. We offer these with a PE (plastic) lining or a PLA (cornstarch) lining.



          We’re frequently asked if we’re able to produce our popular hot drink cups printed with a customer-supplied design instead of a plain/stock design. We’re able to do this where the quantity exceeds 30,000 units per size. For more information, it’s best to get in touch with our sales team as pricing will depend on the style/size of the cup required, as well as the complexity/colours used on the required print.


          This very much depends on what you’re planning to serve; insulated cups are designed specifically to retain the heat of the drink and protect your hand from the temperature of the beverage. A single wall cup would often be sufficient for most people when serving hot drinks, however a black Tea / Coffee would be hotter and perhaps require a sleeve. Also keep in mind where the cups are to be used, extra caution might be used if the paper cups are to be used in a retirement home for example where there is an extra potential for spillages. If you’re unsure, it can be a good idea to purchase some cup sleeves which can be used optionally if the drink requires it.


          Delivery: Find the ideal disposable paper cups for you and your customer’s needs and buy online today. Complete a purchase before 1pm and receive next day delivery, while orders of £100 or more come with free delivery.

          Bulk orders: All our items can be purchased as smaller packs (25/50) as well as full cases (500/1000). Placing a larger (pallet) order? Discounts are available, get in touch. for more information.


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